kitchen sink mix 79:51 128kbps mp3 audio file.
1) mr voodoo - chryme life instrumental (wrong speed)
2) nubian minds - sunrise 777
3) lamb - cotton wool (fila brazilia mix)
4) ol dirty bastard - recognize (wrong speed)
5) ghostface killah - cherchez la ghost (wrong speed)
6) dark riddums - base theory
7) nubian minds - forgotten parts
8) beatminerz - extreme situation instrumental (wrong speed)
9) choclair - ice cold (wrong speed)
10) royksopp - poor leno (silicone soul hypno house dub)
11) nicolette - dove song
12) cecile - honey
13) cool hand flex - rhythm flow
14) remarc - ricky (vip)
15) pascal - johnnie jungle (dj dextrous remix)
16) eddie def - cruntchy blast alert
17) jaam - votive (alex attias mustang dark mix)
18) esg - moody
19 chromeo - rage
20) space raiders - disco doctor (groove armada mix)
21) rbm - yo shorty (da bombero mix)
22) schoolly d - psk what does it mean (wrong speed)
23) gotan project - triptico (pk's trip deluxe)

original beats mix 32:41 192kbps mp3 audio file.
how I made this:
one day i made a database of all the beats i'd made recently and their tempos. i listed them in order
of tempo and decided i would make a mix at 108 bpm. starting with 98 bpm and going up to 118 bpm
i picked the beats i liked and changed their tempos to 108 bpm. then i ran two seperate instances
of acid (figuring out i could do that was the start of this whole crazy idea) and mixed between
unfinished sequence files using mutes and solos.
because of the limitations of acid and my computer it requires perfectly offbeat (because of latency)
timing to start the next sequence in sync with the last as well as there being no way to cue monitor.
i mixed this whole jawn out live, but since this wasn't recorded in front of an audience, when things
went horribly out of sync (damn shitty laptop) i just tried again when it came around again, and edited
out the offending section(s) when finished. now that i have an mpc this terrible method shall be relegated
to the dustbin. but it was a fun experiment. i hope you dig it.

bassdrive mix 53:41 64kbps mp3 audio file.(sorry for the low quality - all i have)
how i made this:
the beginning is all beats from the laptop (same as above) - and at a certain point i switched to records.
recorded live for on apr 04 2004.
1) bidi - trenton
2) bidi - wretched
3) bidi - when you meet her
4) bidi - channel
5) bidi - fluffer
6) bidi - where is she
7) bidi - not even
8) bidi - a beautiful
9) bidi - ltj
10) bidi - i higher (devin the dude laptop vs. vinyl mix)
11) schooly d - gucci time
12) philorene - arked
13) havoc - white label
14) bogdan raczynski - a samurai math beat
15) dizzee rascal - cut em off
16) philorene - bola